Railway water crane

The goal of this project is both geometrically accurate and photorealistic digital reconstruction of the XIX century railway water crane. 

It is known that water cranes of this type were situated in Russian Empire along Saint Petersburg – Warsaw and Zanemanskiye railways. Exact locations of the object are unknown.

Typically water cranes were placed in railway station territory close to tracks for fast refilling of steam locomotive.

Water cranes of this type were built around year 1896 – 1899. They were used during first half of twentieth century – as long as steam powered train era lasted in this region. There is no information about still existing objects of this exact type.

Detailed blueprints from album of Zanemanskyje railway construction made this project possible. There was no information about color scheme of the object. In process of creating materials similar water cranes from later periods were used as references.

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  • The album of Zanemanskyje railway construction